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$299 for a Comprehensive Home Energy Audit,
(Normally $399)

Plus, once you Get the Home Energy Audit, you Instantly Qualify for our MISSOURI REBATE BONANZA, Including all of the following benefits:

1. Up to $700 in Instant Rebates for Attic Insulation from KCPL & Spire

2. Up to $300 in Instant Rebates for Air Sealing/Draft Sealing from KCPL & Spire

3. $200 Insulation Company Instant Rebate

4. Up to $2,000 Tax Deduction on your Missouri Income Taxes

Packages include up to $1,200 in INSTANT REBATES from KCP&L, Spire and our Insulation Partners for a Limited Time Only!
To qualify for these rebates plus a $2,000 Missouri Home Energy Audit Tax Deduction,
you MUST be a Missouri Customer of KCP&L and Spire, and complete a certified Home Energy Audit.

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